Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – The Top Keyword Tool!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – The Top Keyword Tool!

Jaaxy Review

Overall Ranking:   9.7/10

Website:   Jaaxy.com

Owners:    Kyle and Carson


  • Starter Membership – 30 Free Searches
  • Pro Membership – $49 per month
  • Enterprise Membership – $99 per month

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tools

Anyone who has ever had a website, soon realizes that just because you built it, doesn’t mean they will come. There are millions of websites out there that rarely, if ever, generate any traffic to their site. It can be very frustrating. That’s because unless you incorporate “keywords” into your content, then search engines such as Google and Bing can’t find them. The best keywords tool that I have found is Jaaxy. They offer the top keyword research tools available. Jaaxy’s search engine optimization keyword tool has raised the bar.

The problem with keyword searches offered by the competition is that you usually have to do multiple searches that create a large amount of data that really don’t provide accurate results for what you are looking for. Whereas, the Jaaxy information that you receive is quickly compiled into a clear and understandable format.

What Kind of Information Does Jaaxy Provide?

When doing your Jaaxy keyword research, your keyword results will be broken down into a few meaningful columns as follows:

  • Monthly Searches – the number of times a particular keyword or keyword phrase is searched for on the big search engines.
  • Traffic – the estimated average number of clicks on the of the no.1 spot in the search engine results.
  • QSR (Quoted Search Result) – the number of competing web pages for the specified keyword.
  • KQI ( Keyword Quality Indicator) – a visual representation using colors to indicate whether or not a particular keyword is a quality keyword that will be seen by the search engines.
  • SEO Power – A score based on traffic, QSR and competition. It’s a scale between 1-100. The closer your number is to 100 the better the keyword quality.
  • Domain Availability – shows you which domains are available for purchase for your keyword or keyword phrase.

Jaaxy is for beginners and experts alike. Jaaxy’s free SEO training videos teach you how to do your keyword research step by step.Here is a video demonstration that will show you the power of Jaaxy and how easy it is to use:

As you can see, Jaaxy’s search engine keyword tool gives you all that you need to quickly research many keywords saving you time. You will be confident that the keywords that you are using will be effective once you incorporate them into your website content.

Try the Jaaxy Free SEO Keyword Tool

Jaaxy offers 30 free keyword searches to get you started. You can try it out for yourself below:

What Else Can Jaaxy Do for You?

Jaaxy is much more than a powerful keyword research tool. You will also be able to…

  • Find quality domain names for your own use or as an investment
  • Discover niches that you can turn into an online business
  • Confidently write content that can achieve page one rankings on Google, Bing, etc.

While it may seem like the internet must be saturated by now, the reality is that the opportunities available are endless. The millions of consumers that go online every day provide an unending marketplace for those who are positioned properly to take advantage of it. Those who know how to leverage keywords, niches and domain names will thrive indefinitely. The opportunities are there if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to seek them out.


Jaaxy has proven itself to be the ultimate keyword research tool. It’s comprehensive analytical tools and ease of use has no comparison. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your websites, you need look no further than to Jaaxy. It is the undeniable leader in search engine optimization.

If you’re interest in learning more about Jaaxy or are ready to get started, you can go Here.

If you have any questions or comments about getting started online, I would love to help! You can leave them below.

Thank you for reading my review!


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