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Are you ready to start your Jaaxy keyword research? Jaaxy is a free keyword generator offering you your first 30 keyword searches for free. You’ll be able to take this free keyword results tool for a test drive. If you like what you see it is easy to upgrade to a full membership.

Start your keyword search now by typing your keyword in the blank below:

The Jaaxy keyword tool review that I did shows why Jaaxy is the best keywords tool available. It provides information that the competition can’t deliver. Here are the metrics that you’ll be able to measure quickly and efficiently:

  • Monthly Searches – the number of times a particular keyword or keyword phrase is searched for on the big search engines.
  • Traffic – the estimated average number of clicks on the of the no.1 spot in the search engine results.
  • QSR (Quoted Search Result) – the number of competing web pages for the specified keyword.
  • KQI ( Keyword Quality Indicator) – a visual representation using colors to indicate whether or not a particular keyword is a quality keyword that will be seen by the search engines.
  • SEO Power – A score based on traffic, QSR and competition. It’s a scale between 1-100. The closer your number is to 100 the better the keyword quality.
  • Domain Availability – shows you which domains are available for purchase for your keyword or keyword phrase.

If you’re ready to get started with the top keyword tool now, go here to see the different membership options.

I know you are going to appreciate the power of the Jaaxy keyword tool. Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments below. Enjoy!

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