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How to Build a Website Free!

If you’ve ever thought about building your own website, but weren’t sure how to do it, I can help. In this day and age, there are services and platforms that make building a website relatively easy. Whether you already know what your niche will be or you’re still looking for ideas, you can create a professional looking site that will be the foundation of your online business presence. You now have access to a free website builder at Wealthy Affiliate.

Important Attributes of an Effective Website

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Your website will become your online “presence.” Where your website is “hosted” will have a bearing on it’s effectiveness. You want your visitors to be able to access your website quickly and efficiently. There are some very important attributes that make for a successful website.

  •  Speed and Load Time
  •  Professional Appearance and Design
  •  Easy to Navigate
  •  Uses a CMS (Content Management System)
  •  Quality Website Content

If your website has these attributes you will be well on your way to having a????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? very successful and profitable online business. One of the simplest and most common framework platforms to accomplish this is “WordPress.” This is a free service that allows you to easily select a website “theme” (design and color scheme) that will be the framework of your website.

WordPress: The World’s Most Widely Used Website Framework

The unquestioned leader for building websites is WordPress. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already heard of it. WordPress has created a framework that simplifies the process of building a website to the point where virtually anyone can do it. In fact, this website was created using WordPress.

Here are a few of the benefits of using WordPress:

  •  Easy to Install and Setup
  •  No HTML or Code to Prepare
  •  Hundreds of Different Website Templates to Choose from
  •  Thousands of “One-Click” Add-On Features

Computer Screen Gragh & Pie ChartAt Wealthy Affiliate, we combine the power of WordPress with the tools, training and support that you’ll need to get your website up and running. We also have a community of people, just like you, who are building and maintaining their own websites for their online business. You will find that they are very supportive and are happy to help you if you ever have any questions.

Are You Ready to Build Your WordPress Website Now?

If you’re ready get started building your own website, you can get started right now for free! As I mentioned above, we have combined the power of Wealthy Affiliate’s support and training with the ease and functionality of WordPress, to provide a seamless experience where you can build your own website and get your online business up and running!

If You’re Ready To Get Started Building Your Own Online Business, you have come to the right place. Just enter your information to get started!


If you have any questions or comments about getting started online, you can leave them below.

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How to Build a Website Free!