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About Me


Hello, my name is Greg Hoyt. Welcome to my website!

My story is pretty typical. I graduated from high school. I graduated from college, with a business degree. I went out into the work world, just like most everyone else. And, for a time, I was very successful with a six figure income.

My background has been as a controller (accountant/office manager) for a ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????real estate development company for 27 years. During that time I also built houses for 15 years within that organization as an owner. I also am a real estate broker and I sold those houses. as well. I was hit hard financially during the housing crisis and lost my business. Basically, I am starting over .I have a good job now, that I like, for now..

I’ve considered many different paths. I felt that an online business was the way to go. I had no experience related to building an online business. I just knew that there were people making money at it, and that I could learn. So, I was surfing through the web one day and I came across a site that said that they could help me build an online business from start to finish. I was skeptical at first. We’ve all seen so many “get rich quick” claims, that it’s hard to believe anything you see anymore.

Regardless, I took a leap of faith and clicked on the link. I have to say, I was moderately impressed. In particular, I was much more open to the ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????opportunity, after reading the story about the owners. I was really impressed that the owners are on the site daily, assisting people, answering questions and giving out encouragement regularly. The other things that I liked about the site was that there is a community of other people building their own online businesses, who are also encouraging me and offering their help to everyone that comes aboard.. The training, support, coaching, tools and services made a believer out of me and many others.

The place where I found all of that and more is Wealthy Affiliate.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Your site is informative and well put together. I like the fact that the information is right to the point! Thank you for sharing and wishing you success.

    1. Hi Donna,

      I really appreciate the feedback! Wealthy Affiliate provided everything I need to get started building my own online business.



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